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November 6, 2011
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As you slip under the ropes and slide into the ring Tifa is already there, with red boxing gloves and wearing a small black bikini, she has her arms hooked over the ropes and she's relaxing in the corner

As you get in the ring her face lights up and she stands up straight
"Oh, you came!" She smiles as she adjusts her red boxing gloves and walks closer to you
"Hey darlin' you're a little late!" She says, in the cutest voice which just melts your heart
"I got some gloves for you if you want, or you can use your own….either way don't keep me waiting I'm ready to have some fun with you!" She puts her gloved hands on her hips and poses for you as you get your boxing gloves ready

Tifa winks at you and smiles as she goes into the corner and starts stretching, and you can't help but keep an eye on her at all times when she bends over to touch her toes
My first real fanfic and hopefully the first of a few

So, you reccently met none other than tifa lockheart who is a little more competitive and sexy than you remember from FFVII

She has got to know you a bit and challenged you to a fun, friendly boxing match in the local gym as a little fun

I don't wanna spoil anything but, prepare for a text based ass-kicking

Among other things ;)
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TheBBoy Jul 7, 2012  Student Writer
Can u also make like a prologue which tells how u and Tifa met, how u guys organized the fight and all other details like gym, time, and of course, if she was willing to box in that skimpy black bikini u gave her?
For the sake of imagination, I'm gonna say Tifa wore the bikini of her own accord, she wanted to come across really sexy and vulnerable before she kicked the stuffing out of you

As for a prologue, that's an interesting idea...I'll have to consider it a bit more
For now just use your imagination and make it up for yourself, we'll see what happens in the future
Mmm... very cool idea.
I may not be good at writing but I felt this would be a cool thing to do.
Tifa in a POV boxing picture has always been a little dream of mine, but nobody's made such a thing yet so i decided I'd make my own little tifa POV.
Well, you're doing a good job so far.
ARKENVOODAI May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
will we be seeing the continuation soon? :)
MasterSaruwatari Dec 17, 2011  Student Writer
can't wait. sounds interesting.
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